Delivery method

  • by post (ordinary package)

Transportation by post is possible only for shipments up to 30 kg and up to the value of 4.000,- EUR or parcels that meet the conditions of carriage, Czech Post. For goods orders charge postage 5.5,- EUR

Goods sent you a commercial package Czech Post will deliver the next working day after. The package is delivered to your apartment/office in ordinary hours of delivery of mail. If you are not be reached at the address, leaving the Czech Post written notice of the shipment. It is stored at the post office for 7 days.

  • PPL

Price 90Kč

  • Post (Package in hand)

Price 170Kč

  • poštou (Package in hand)

Price 170Kč

  • personal collection of goods

goods can be picked up in person by appointment

Method of payment:

  • cash on delivery

this option can be used to select the mail transport, price CZK 30

  • cash

cash method only by personal collection

  • transfer

pay by bank transfer vendor consignment will be sent to the buyer within 5 days of receipt of payment on account (if not pre-arrangement is different policies)